Don’t Be Afraid to Lean

Last week didn’t exactly go according to my plan. I’m guessing yours didn’t either. And if you’re anything like me, you really love your plan (especially checking off your to-do list) and it’s not always easy to let your expectations go. But that’s where I found...

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A Bittersweet Anniversary

There are all types of anniversaries. Some sweet and some not-so-sweet. Think about it. Weddings. Milestones. Birthdays. They warm our hearts at the memory of them. But there are also those anniversaries we dread, the ones that creep up on us and bring fresh tears to...

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Reaching “The End”

There is a heart drawn around Monday’s date on my calendar. February 12, 2018. The day I typed “The End”.

The day started out much like any other typical Monday. The Missouri Ozarks outside my window lay blanketed in ice. From the grass to the treetops, everything glistened in the early morning sunlight. I burrowed under my fleece blanket and sipped on my coffee. Today was the day. I could feel it.

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A little Thank You to ACFW – My Thoughts after Conference

If there was one thing I could take away from the conference this year, it would be the abundant love of God I witnessed in the eyes, hearts, and actions of everyone I met. From the wonderful worship sessions to the individual classes to the conversations I had with friends – old and new. I was so blessed to see such passion for the Lord and watch His hand at work in so many lives….

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One Day On The Page

As much as I love historical fiction, writing this genre doesn’t come without its bumps and bruises. This morning I was writing a scene tucked nicely between fiction and reality, blending my fictional friends with real-life individuals from the past. Just when one minor character was starting to really charm everyone, I discovered one tiny, yet significant detail about him.

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Outside Your Comfort Zone

Do nervous chills sweep through you, like they do me, whenever you think of that tangible line separating your comfort zone from the rest of the world? Let’s face it, that place is scary. I don’t know about you, but I hate stepping outside of my comfort zone.

In the last month, I’ve interviewed a couple people for potential article ideas. I realize that may not sound too difficult for some people, but for me it was a huge step into the unknown.

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