Pea Ridge National Battlefield
Pea Ridge, AR

The Elkhorn Tavern was located on the Old Wire Road during that time and saw the battle up close and personal. (Little piece of trivia for you… Andrew and I were married on the Old Wire Road. Loved having a piece of history included in our little outdoor wedding.)

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of actually walking the battleground. It’s haunting and mesmerizing.

We even walked on the Cherokee Trail of Tears while we were there. Talk about another incredible, yet sad piece of history.

If only the tavern was still open! I’d love to stay there, wouldn’t you?

I could just picture the scores of soldiers who’d walked past these gates.

Every research trip is special to my heart for different reasons. Each one is an adventure and creates lots of memories. This one is extra special because it was that same weekend that my sweetheart proposed to me!

A monument standing near the tavern reads…

“O give me a land where the ruins are spread,
And the living tread light on the hearts of the dead.
O give me a land that is blest by the dust,
And bright with the deeds of down trodden just.”

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