Funeral for Civil War soldier

It’s not every day you get to attend the funeral of a Civil War soldier. In 2015, that’s exactly what we did. The remains of a soldier were buried in Springfield National Cemetery after being discovered at nearby Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield.

It was a simple and respectful service in memory of the fallen.

It was a cold October day, but over 100 people still showed up to pay their respects.

I’ve met several reenactors before, but I’ve never seen this. The woman represented the soldier’s widow and her presence left me speechless. What a strong, yet silent story she told by being there.

We don’t know which side the soldier fought for, so both Union and Confederate soldiers stood guard.

Whoever he was, he was so much more than just a Civil War soldier. Wonder what his likes and dislikes were. Did he have family? What did he dream of doing after the war? The author in me longs to know his story.

His final resting place. He may be unknown to us, but he’s known by God.

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