Bandana Acres — My Review

Feebs to the Rescue

My daughter loves kitties, so “Feebs to the Rescue” was an instant hit with her. With adorable illustrations to match these critters’ adventures, the Bandana Acres are sure to please young readers. It’s easy to read and there’s a nice little lesson on friendship tucked inside.

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Rascal’s Trip

“Rascal’s Trip” was a quick read about a raccoon who gets in to trouble and needs rescued. He learns from his mistakes and his friends wisely encourage him. Filled with fun illustrations and an index for promoting discussion with your child, this book is on our daughter’s bookshelf to stay!

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Nibbler and Captain Make Peace

With a fun, quirky title and unforgettable characters, Nibbler and Captain Make Peace will undoubtedly make you smile. A beaver struggles with his temper and learns a valuable lesson on listening to others. As he discovers how to be more patient, he also finds a new friend. A cute and simple story, with colorful illustrations to top it off.

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I received these free copies from the author. No review, positive or otherwise, was required—
All opinions are my own.


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