Savanna Kaiser will never forget the day her love for writing and history first collided on Missouri soil at a Civil War Reenactment. That day, she discovered the setting for the stories of her heart.

She is currently writing her fourth book and seeking publication for her Civil War series. She blogs regularly at THE ENGRAFTED WORD, has published over 50 freelance articles, and also serves on the board for her local ACFW chapter.

She and her husband Andrew welcomed their first baby girl, Allison, in 2016. They make their home in the Missouri Ozarks, where they enjoy gardening, hiking, and kayaking down the river by their home.


I’ve always loved to read and write. (Bet you didn’t see that coming!) I savored many stories during my childhood and homeschooling years. And I often could be found penning words to paper, whether it was sending letters to my kindred spirit in Oregon or pouring out my heart in my diary.

Strangely enough, though, I’d never really dreamed of publication until I was 16 and discovered the article I’d submitted on a whim to Country Magazine was accepted. I still laugh when I remember how I squealed in surprise and jumped up and down when the check arrived in the mail. My very first article in print. I couldn’t believe it!

Writing took on a whole new meaning after that. Once I graduated, I started submitting more freelance articles to magazines across the country and I finished writing my very first novel. Lots of learning, practicing, and praying followed. More articles were published. I joined ACFW, a group for Christian authors. I wrote two more books. And in the midst of pursuing the dream, my personal life was busy and blessed too.

Andrew and I were married in September 2012. I still can’t believe we’ll be celebrating our 5th anniversary this fall. Time really does go by as fast as everyone says. My hubby sells wireless internet service for a living (Yes, I have to brag on him a little bit. Humor me) and he’s the smartest, sweetest best friend a girl could ask for. In 2016, we welcomed a baby girl to our family. Allison has added so much joy to our lives and I’m convinced she gets cuter every day. A gift from the Lord, without a doubt!

Today, my life is a busy combination of housewife, mama, gardener, and author-in-progress. I’ve had over 50 articles published so far and I’m a frequent contributor to Rural Missouri magazine. I’m currently writing my fourth book and seeking publication for my Civil War series. I also recently started offering website design services, with the help of my computer-savvy husband.

Above all – if you remember nothing else about me, please remember this – I’m just a sinner saved by the unconditional grace and mercy of God. His sovereign love changed my life. All of my words are laid at His feet and I pray my labors of love bring Him delight. He is my Redeemer, the Author of each of our stories.

Thanks for visiting. Blessings to you on your journey!